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Besteker 1080P Recorder 24M 16X HD Digital Zoom Video Camcorder 2.7 Inch LCD and 270 Degree Rotation Screen

This entry level camera has options way beyond it’s price . You can shoot in 1080 720 and standard definition. Also take still photos from 2mp to over 20 mp. The included strap allows the camera to adjust to the contour of your hand perfectly , and get some real nice video shots . The menu is easy and straightforward and you will be up and running in a minute or less. You can play back immedietly your video or photos to make sure you have the shot you wanted or connect it too a TV or computer directly and play it on a larger screen with the included connectors . It comes with rechargable battery and mine came fully charged out of the box . It comes with a small protective case also and the size is quite compact and easy to handle . It also comes in quite a nice box and packaging, so a gift for someone who might want an entry level video camcorder .

Please read users manual carefully!
Please charge the battery up to 8 hours the first time you use it!
This camcorder is design for amateurs, not for Professional users!
The lithium battery can be recharged up to 3000 times!
Please format the SD card before using the camera.